When a person dies and leaves a will

  • We identify and locate other eligible heirs if a beneficiary dies before settlement of an estate.
  • We locate heirs when all legacies have lapsed or when a testator has not disposed of all his or her property by will.
  • We assist trustees in locating and substantiating trust beneficiaries.

When a person dies without leaving a will

  • We identify and locate the closest living relatives in cases in which heirs are unknown to the estate.
  • We ascertain heirs more closely related to the deceased than the known claimants, or trace additional branches of the decedent's family.

When proof of heirship is inadequate or ambiguous

  • We secure legal proof of relationship in jurisdictions throughout the United States and other countries to document claims of heirs to estates.
  • We verify family histories or alleged proof of heirship when relationships appear doubtful, or additional evidence/proof is required by the court or administrator.