Sweetheart Remembered in Will

Oranzer Pegues was a student at a Memphis, Tennessee college when he met a young lady who worked in a local library. The two became sweethearts, but they drifted apart after finishing college. Pegues headed West, the librarian married someone else, and the pair lost track of each other. Pegues remained a bachelor all his life. When he died nearly 50 years later, he left all he had--some $80,000--to his sweetheart of long ago. Pegues had only one address for her: the Memphis library where she had worked as a college student. Several long-time residents in the neighborhood still remembered the librarian who had made such a lasting impression on Oranzer Pegues. After conducting further research, our investigators were able to locate her still living in the South. She was astounded not only by her good fortune but especially by her dear friend's kind remembrance.